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  1. My girlfriend was sent to Braemount Care Home on a placement by Enable Scotland (She was still getting jobseekers allowance, but Enable topped up her JSA by £1, yes that's right £1 for the period in which she worked the placement).Placement was for 6 weeks upon which she asked repeatedly for any chance of paid employment. Was kept hanging on with comments along the lines of "We'll review things at the end of the week/placement", "Manger isn't in today, but will speak to you tomorrow". When the day came that her placement was to end, the manager of the care home said "No jobs going in here, not when we can get another person on placement sent to us for free".Combination of exploitation by Enable Scotland & of course an already known workfare provider BUPA

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  1. Feb 2014 for6 - 8 weeks week(s)
    Braemount Nursing Home, 21 Donaldswood Rd, Paisley, Renfrewshire PA2 8EA, UK