Work Programme work placements

Not all 'work experience' on the Work Programme is mandatory, though Work Programme providers often like to imply that you'll face a sanction if you refuse.

Not all 'work experience' is mandatory

Don’t believe what they tell you: if you have not received a written mandatory activity notification, you can leave work experience at any time. If your placement is not for “community benefit” it is almost certainly not mandatory.

Work Programme providers like to imply that you risk sanctions, but if you have not received a Mandatory Activity Notification in writing, then you will not be sanctioned for leaving:

participants can leave without sanction consequences

(Source: point 9 of this Provider guidance)

If no written notice is given to the claimant then no sanction can be imposed, including for gross misconduct.

(Source: point 9 of this Decision Makers’ Memo, 2012)

Gross misconduct and sanctions

Your provider may mandate you to ‘maintain basic standards of good behaviour’ but, still, you will only be sanctioned if you have committed gross misconduct.

…only if the participant loses their work experience on a voluntary basis due to his/her gross misconduct that a sanction may be imposed

(Source: point 3 of this Provider guidance)

For a full list of what might count as gross misconduct see paragraph 26 of this provider guidance.)

Note: Volunteering or work experience you have arranged yourself of your own free will may be subject to sanctions for gross misconduct if it is recorded on your action plan.