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Boycott Workfare is a UK-wide campaign to end forced unpaid work for people who receive welfare. Workfare profits the rich by providing free labour, whilst threatening the poor by taking away welfare rights if people refuse to work without a living wage. We are a grassroots campaign, formed in 2010 by people with experience of workfare and those concerned about its impact. We expose and take action against companies and organisations profiting from workfare; encourage organisations to pledge to boycott it; and actively inform people of their rights.

Boycott Workfare call for sanction stories

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Boycott Workfare outside Policy Exchange after "ruining" their event

Boycott Workfare outside Policy Exchange after “ruining” their event

In return for supporting the passage of a retrospective law to steal £130 million from claimants who were illegally sanctioned, the Labour party were promised by the government that there would be an independent investigation into the sanction process. Of course, we expect little from an investigation that came at the price of justice for claimants. With no space for claimants to actually submit their concerns and experiences, the views of claimants will be not be represented.

With your help, Boycott Workfare would like to highlight the devastating impact that benefit sanctions are having on people’s lives. Collecting together your experiences of benefit sanctions we will be putting together a sanctions zine. Email us your words, however many or few you want to use. Things you may want to include may be:

- the length of the sanction

- the ‘reason’ the Job Centre gave for imposing the sanction and how they told you this ‘reason’

- how it affected your life, including its impact on your physical and mental health, your family and friendships

- how you coped during this time

- and how you are doing now e.g. still claiming JSA, stopped signing on, signing on to a different benefit, stress/worry about further sanctions etc.

- perhaps you have not been sanctioned, but have been bullied and threatened with sanctions

Email us at

Feel free also to submit drawings and get in touch if you have any other ideas or suggestions. We also welcome submissions from those who are indirectly affected by benefit sanctions, such as welfare activists, welfare advisors and those involved in the Civil Service Rank and File Network.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Stop G4S’ Annual General Meeting

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Last years' Stop G4S protest outside G4S' AGM

Last years’ Stop G4S protest outside G4S’ AGM

G4S are holding their Annual General Meeting next week where they will boast about the profit they’ve made from exploiting unemployed people. A Prime Provider of the government’s failing Work Programme, G4S force people onto workfare and sanction benefits for millions of pounds of government money.

G4S are in the business of force. As well as making claimants lives miserable through coercion and bullying, G4S also profit from detention, imprisonment, and the exercise of force on behalf of oppressive regimes. Join the Stop G4S demo next Thursday in London and link up with others to stop them ‘securing your world’.

Read the call out from the Stop G4S campaign here

Join the facebook event here

Government Lies In Response To Workfare Petition

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If You Exploit Us We Will Shut You DownAn anti-workfare petition setup on the governments petition site reached 10,000 signatures, meaning that the government has to issue a written response to the petition. Their response begins with a barefaced lie:

We do not have Work for Your Benefit or Workfare schemes in this country. Workfare is an American term used to describe employment programmes which force all jobseekers to work at a certain point of their claim in order to continue to receive benefit

So according to the DWP, Mandatory Work Activity – which if you say no to the “offer” you can have your benefits stopped for up to three years – is not forcing people to work in order to continue to receive benefits. Or maybe it also isn’t workfare when on your first day of signing on your are forced to work for 3 months unpaid or be threatened with up to 3 months of withdrawn benefits?

But we’re dont just take our word that the DWP are lying. Take the DWPs whose own guidance states that:

.. mandatory work programmes, such as the MWA and ESE schemes fall within the
meaning of “Work for your benefit” schemes

It is typical of this government to respond to a petition with a lie, after all they have been lying about benefits all the time, and both Ian Duncan-Smith and the former employment secretary Chris Grayling make a habit of it. Perhaps they think that lying about the existence of unemployed and disabled people being used as forced labour is the only way they can stop protests from bringing down the schemes – this is the reason they gave the information commissioner for refusing to tell us which organisations take part in workfare schemes.

If you thought that this petition would change the governments mind over workfare, it should be clear that it won’t – instead, why not follow the DWPs instructions, and join groups around the UK taking action against the charities and companies that take advantage of free labour from these schemes.
This Saturday sees Bradford Against Workfare demonstrating, meeting at 12noon in Centenary Square. Actions happen every weekend in different places, and there will be a week of action in March.

Workfare in Shoe Zone this Christmas

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This week, Boycott Workfare has been contacted by a concerned member of staff working at high street retailer Shoe Zone. Their first hand experience, which they bravely wanted to share with us all, provides yet more evidence that workfare is replacing paid jobs. As with Argos and Superdrug, Shoezone are using ‘work experience’ from the job centre to cover the busy Christmas period instead of employing temporary staff or giving current staff the option of over-time. Here is their story:

“I work in Shoe Zone in the south east. This week our manager has held three ‘interviews’ with people sent from the job centre. They are to help us for up to 30 hours a week for 8 weeks over the Christmas period. One of them stated he would only be getting his bus fare paid by the job centre. This is to be called ‘work experience’. If there is work to do over Christmas surely we could hire staff for 8 weeks in a proper fashion? I am sickened that my manager imagines they are doing these people a favour of some sort to ‘let them experience work’. I get the feeling that head office will be very pleased with themselves too to keep a store running smoothly over Christmas without actually using any extra resources, when these work experience placements can pick up the slack.

The three people start today on this ‘work experience’ and I am terrified by the idea that head office think they don’t need to pay their staff and can run a store with people from the job centre. i myself am on part-time minimum wage and if they can have workers for free now what is to stop them making my position redundant and using job centre people to run the store at no cost to themselves? If my hours are cut next year, i shall know why.

I do not feel its right these people will be expected to do the same work as our usual staff. Even worse, i will be expected to keep an eye on them to make sure no mistakes are made when pulling stock and writing labels etc- extra work we could do without at Christmas time. They will not be authorised to use the tills or ordering system but everything else including dealing with customers, they will be expected to do. Its a disgrace. I fear for the safety of my job at the moment and in the future if this ‘work experience’ continues.”

If you would like to contact Shoe Zone about this:
Twitter: @shoezone
Facebook: click here

Also Birmingham are taking action against the use of workfare in high street stores over Christmas on the 8th of December during the week of action.

Workfare shutdown!

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Hundreds of people paid a visit to workfare providers on and around Oxford Street on 20 Oct! Thanks to all the different groups that took part and the great samba band! Watch this space for a day of action on 8 December…

outside M&s

M&S: Specialising in forcing single parents to work without pay

Dorothy Perkins shuts its shutters

Several stores shut down as the demo approached. This one seems to confirm the word on the streets: Arcadia hasn’t in fact ended its involvement?

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Workfare and welfare: It’s up to us

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It’s a simple message and we’re going to keep pushing it until workfare is no more.

Today was a sad day for anyone hoping that a change of government might revive a commitment to social justice, and do away with workfare. Instead Liam Byrne announced that Labour would continue to cut welfare on top of the further £10 billion cuts the coalition government plans to make by 2016.

With 2.6 million unemployed, all at risk of being forced to work unpaid on one of the many workfare schemes, basic economics tell us that workfare will continue to force wages down and increase poverty for everyone. Even those in work will continue to see their living standards decline. When Universal Credit is introduced, its regime of conditionality could see people who are in part-time work forced to work unpaid to claim their existing welfare top-up payments.

All three main political parties have sent out a clear message: if you are claiming any kind of welfare, whether you are in work, or out of work, not to mention if you are carrying out forced unpaid work for Poundland (whose profits are up following their use of workfare) then too bad.
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National day of action against charities involved in workfare

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Boycott Workfare is calling on anti-workfare groups up and down the country to take action against charities who are profiting from workfare on Saturday 8th September. Thousands of us have taken action against the corporate workfare exploiters, so it’s important that we don’t let charities off the hook.

Charities are using workfare on a massive scale.

Numerous high profile charities have replaced staff and volunteers with forced unpaid workers. One British Heart Foundation manager boasted that her shop was run mostly on the constant supply of workfare that she received from the local provider. British Heart Foundation’s policy director told the Guardian that everyone of their 700 stores had work programme placements ‘some mandatory, some [read – none] voluntary’

Workfare is clearly happening in the charity sector big time.

Workfare pushes people into destitution

How can charities claim to make the world a better place when they are directly responsible for driving people into poverty and destitution through sanctions? The disturbing reality is that unemployed disabled people could be forced to work in the Scope, Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation charity shops that claim to support them. Salvation Army and Barnardos claim to fight poverty but claimants face the loss of subsistence benefits if they do not take part in workfare in their stores. Meanwhile, the heads of BHF and Barnardos receive £153,000 a year and £166,000 a year respectively.

The government wants to massively expand charity involvement

Never has it been more urgent for the voluntary sector to make a stand against workfare exploitation. The government has plans to put a further 1.06 million unemployed people on workfare for “community benefit”. Thousands of people freely volunteer their time for charities they feel passionate about. Forcing people to work without pay on risk of destitution couldn’t be further from this tradition.

Our actions are already having an impact

Public pressure has already resulted in numerous charities pulling out. Oxfam put their reason for doing so simply: workfare is “incompatible with our goal of reducing poverty in the UK”.

Take action to end charity involvement in workfare

On 8th September, take to the streets or join the online wave of action to end charity involvement in workfare.

Get involved with an action near you or organise one yourself! Workfare walks of shame, pickets, and occupations are some fun actions you can do on your local high street. Or go online to let these charities know what you think of workfare using twitter and facebook.

Post your actions on the facebook event or in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!


Which charities are involved?
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Even charities are at it: Workfare Walk of Shame in London

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The real crime is workfare! Photo: Howard Jones

The real crime is workfare! Photo: Howard Jones

Plans for a national day of action against charity involvement in workfare are brewing. Already Liverpool has announced an action with others in the pipeline in Edinburgh and Brighton. London also has plans for the day…

Camden High Street, 11.30am, Saturday 8th September.
Meet outside the Nat West opposite Camden Town station.

Workfare – forced unpaid work for people who need social security – can now be found on every high street. Charities – which really should know the difference between forced labour and volunteering – are helping the government roll out workfare on a massive scale: British Heart Foundation’s policy director has stated for the record that every one of their 700 stores has Work Programme placements. To their shame, many other charities are also involved.

In August, a new workfare scheme was announced which will compel people to work without pay for so-called “community benefit”. In other words, community service-style sentences are being meted out for the crime of being unemployed. This comes on top of the plan to put 1.06 million people onto six months’ workfare, mainly in charity and public sector organisations.

Our actions have pushed back the spread of workfare on the high street, now it’s time that charities respond to the call. Come along to this walk of shame to learn who’s in and who’s out and to step up the pressure on the charities which claim to help people but are pushing the unemployed into further poverty and exploitation.

“The sanction regime remains in place”

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It is reported that sanctions have been removed from the DWP’s “Work Experience” scheme, which is one of five workfare schemes which compel people to work without pay on threat of welfare sanctions. But is this another example of the DWP’s willingness to mislead the public?

There is no sign that sanctions have been lifted in the DWP’s press release which states: “The sanction regime remains in place.” Chris Grayling seems to be painting a murkier picture in TV interviews. Speaking to Sky, he first claimed “If somebody sits down with [the employer] after a couple of weeks and says ‘This really isn’t working out, I don’t want to carry on’, they wouldn’t be sanctioned. I was happy to agree to that.” But by the end of the interview, he offers an example which suggests that it will be in exceptional cases only that sanctions won’t be applied.

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Faced with the Work Programme? You need to read this

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The Work Programme models the “black box” approach: claimants are sent to private companies who are given free reign to impose whatever conditions they want. The DWP hasn’t even stipulated a maximum amount of time that Work Programme providers can force people to do workfare.

There are ways that you can protect yourself on the Work Programme and at the job centre. This is the focus of new website

Take a look for information on:

  • Retaining control over your CV
  • Leaflets
  • Obtaining information the DWP Jobcentre holds about you
  • Obtaining official information
  • Starting work?
  • Work Programme contracts
  • And more!

Also check out this video for a simple digest of some of your rights: