Isle of Wight Conflict History and Remembrance Museum

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  1. After having done four weeks at this location earlier this year (on MWA) the jobcentre reassigned me to another provider who referred me to another 6 months at the same location (on CWP). The work is mainly backbreaking physical groundwork. Some of the things we had to do were: sweeping yards, digging out a garden, emptying and filling in two large ponds, decorating a house, spreading several tons of hardcore across a carpark, collecting firewood and moving hundreds of sandbags. The other places you can be assigned to on the Isle of Wight are a donkey sanctuary or in charity shops. Seeing as the history museum and the donkey sanctuary are both also charities, this means 100% of assigned placements on the Isle of Wight are in charities.

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May, 2015


  1. May 2015 for 4 week(s)
    Mandatory Work Activity
    490 Newport Rd, Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 8QU, UK