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  1. 2 week placement - told on the Tuesday to attend Thursday meeting. (Threatened with sanction when asking details about meeting to rearrange VOLUNTARY work.) Attended meeting, interviewed, and told about possibility of jobs. Accepted onto placement which started the Monday after. 5 six hour days per week (Sundays & one day per week off). Sometimes working later shifts (2 - 8pm). Often dehydrated due to hot environment & feeling like going for a drink was a waste of time. Lunch times chaotic, only half an hour and often had to ask to be excused for lunch because was not told when lunch break was. Could often be 5 hours into shift before leaving for lunch
  2. This placement was awful - we were made to seek permission to go get a drink, however, managers were scarce and couldn't be found, we were also reprimanded for leaving our assigned positions - this was during a heatwave, no air con in shop - shop temperatures easily 28 degrees plus. I suffered at least three migraines over the course of the placement through dehydration.Lunch times were erratic - we were told that they would be scheduled but they were not, and on one occasion, it was six hours into my "shift" before I was allowed to go get some lunch.I was made to clean shelves without any gloves being offered, despite having severe eczema on my hands that is worsened by harsh chemicals - there were no gloves available at all. I had to visit my doctor afterwards to be prescribed steroid cream to fix the damage - the chemicals also set off my asthma.Our pockets were regularly searched on the job - I was told off at one point for having my inhaler on the shop floor because it could "look like stolen goods".Our bags were searched before we were allowed to leave; feminine products were left on the desktop for other co-workers to see - a source of embarrassment.Thoroughly awful - I was shown this website by a friend. Didn't share my experience but have just been told that I am up for interview for ANOTHER placement at the same place.Will not be taking this placement, as I now know my rights - so thank you for that

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Oct, 2013


  1. Oct 2013 for2 week(s)
    Work Programme Mandatory Community Benefit Work Placement
  2. Jun 2013 for2 week(s)
    The Sutton Fields, Oslo Rd, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU7 0YN, UK